~Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang~

Friday, May 31, 2013


yes..its me again..
well said..there are so many problems to be settle up.. yes2 poor me.. *nodding*
i can be easily distracted when it comes into problem..
being blessed..my mom can feel it too..each and every time i've been facing a problem and refused to tell her..(just remain silent for a while)
she will just know it that her daughter is in trouble..what an instinct..!
dear mom..i love you..and always love you..
nobody understands me well as you did.. =)
feeling happy and loved although i've been staying far from your side for quite a long time.. missed your company.. like seriously..
i willingly spend my rm10 just to call you everyday just to have a  little chit chat and listen to your nag..
i'm no longer a kid..but i always wanted to be your little daughter forever..
mom..you are the best mother that i ever had..
thank you Allah for giving me such a present!
my mom had told this to me once before..

"kakak, mak pun tatau la cane perangai suami kau nanti..boleh ke tak layan perangai kau ni.."

"kenape?teruk sangat ke?"

"naa..perangai kau tu..cepat sangat berubah2.."


"haha..nanti cari bakal suami biar yang tua sikit dari kau..sabar sikit dia layan kerenah kau ni"

"err...ye2 macam teruk bebenor je perangai aku ni"

"kalau yang sebaya..ke tua setaun..surely takkan dapat layan kerenah kau ni kakak..hahaha.."